We help urban women living in high poverty communities not just survive, but thrive – because when women are well, their families and communities follow.

What We Do – We address the debilitating effects of depression, anxiety and trauma in low-income women of color through professional counseling.

Who We Serve – We assist women ages 16-55 who are on Medi-Cal, Medicare or HealthPAC.  On a daily basis, these women are seeking work while coping with single parenthood, bills, depression and anxiety, violent and toxic relationships, poor health conditions, lack of sleep and constant stress.  The jobs they do find are often low-paying and unfulfilling with long public transportation commutes.  Often, they live with the effects of trauma from violent crimes, childhood sexual abuse and intimate partner abuse – which, if left untreated, can exacerbate mental illness.

Where We’re Located – We have four beautifully outfitted counseling rooms in a secure building located in the safe community of San Leandro, CA.  Our location is easily accessible by bus and is two blocks from San Leandro B.A.R.T.  We began in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area and we plan to expand. We’re confident that our innovative approach could make a huge difference in the lives of women living in poverty and suffering from depression, anxiety and trauma in cities throughout the Bay Area and across the U.S.

How We Help Women Thrive – We’ve removed the evidence-based barriers which have historically kept this population from seeking and remaining in treatment. Our psychotherapy helps women heal from past emotional trauma and pain, to cope with current life crises and allows each woman to identify her goals and chart a course to reach them. Another significant part of our solution is to pursue women, because many do not reach out for help. We walk their streets and go to the agencies, clinics and businesses they frequent to offer our services.