Very kind.  Everyone here is nice and very great to me.
A. C.

My time at Restore has been very pleasant.  The environment is very comfortable as the people.  My therapist is great and I have enjoyed and benefited from time here.
A. R.

Lovely Place, very comfortable and!!  Getting the help through therapy.  Very appreciative with the service provider. Happy, Happy, Happy!!!
M. S.

For it to be my first time I love the services that you all provide, everyone is friendly and very helpful.  I will be sad when my time is up.  I want to say thank you for your services.
T. L.

Fabulous Staff, Good counselors.  Always friendly and warm.

I am so glad that I found this place!  The staff is amazing and caring.  The office space is clean and well designed.  The administration always greets me at the door with a smile and an offer of water and a snack.  I came not knowing what to expect but grateful for this place and the wok my therapist has provided to me and the support he has given so that I can see my full life.

The services I was provided with help me to become self-assured.  I do have some bad days, but with the exercises I was help me to work through.

The therapist was a great help to me spending time here was wonderful, don’t want it to end.
D. D.

Phone visit las Monday.  So glad Valerie called me and I had a chance to talk.  Would appreciate the support and ability to bounce off a sounding board to track where I am each week and progress.  Also appreciate the wall to bounce off of and see myself.

Not only am I pleased with the services I’ve received so far, I am pleased with my doctor and the staff.  I am made to feel comfortable at all times and I finally feel like I’m actually being heard, understood, and helped.  I am so very grateful for Dr. Johnson and Ms. Beverly Thomas.
N. C.

In the beginning of my services I was not liking the idea of therapy.  But coming once a week, in therapy sessions with Mrs. Valerie was nothing I expected she was very kind as well as the staff.  But also, she could relate on certain areas in my life.  She’s not only a great listener, but a learning tool in my life that I need.
K. L.

This being of great help and I am interested in continuing to receive this support.  Spanish.

Staff are very polite and friendly.  I look forward to coming in for therapy because I know I will be listened to and respected.
J. H.

When I come here and see Mr. Whitaker I am getting the treatment and help that I need.  I am more than happy to continue to keep coming to therapy.  It’s my first-time doing therapy that I’ve been way over due for and I like it and I’m hoping to get my daughter the same help that I’m getting.

Restore has helped me deal with all the stress in my life.  Raising 5 boys on an everyday bases and being disabled.  I’m able to talk about my feelings and problems and not feel judged and find new ways and exercise on how to coup with certain things without losing my mind.  This is a great program.

Since I have been coming to Restore I feel that I have somewhere cozy and private to share my emotions and get feedback.  I know hat here at Restore I am provided a support that is non-judgmental, non-biased and positivity with reality.