Beverly Thomas, Office Manager/Executive Assistant – Beverly has 20+ years experience from a diverse career background and she holds a degree in business. In addition to her administrative skills, her concern for, love, respect and compassion for every woman who walks in the door is clearly evident. Her goal is to ensure that each woman feels welcomed and safe each time she arrives. As the mother of three young women, Beverly understands the unique needs of women today and is committed to helping and serving them.

Suzanne Hayne, MFT – Suzanne has over 20 years experience working with women and is uniquely skilled in providing psychotherapy for those who are living in multi-stressed environments, including violence and poverty. Her knowledge and experience working in the area of postpartum depression is especially valuable at Restore Women’s Wellness Centers because, as the CDC reports, the rate of postpartum depression is as high as 25% in high poverty areas, compared to 15% in the general population.

Sarah Henderson, LCSW – Sarah is a graduate of UC Berkeley, School of Social Welfare. She is a highly skilled and empathetic clinician who uses a trauma informed care approach with clients. She has extensive training and many years of working with women who have experienced abuse, violence, and sexual exploitation. Beyond psychotherapy she is skilled in life coaching. Sarah is a great listener with a real knack for building relationships.

Jose Guadalupe Hurtado, LCSW – BA Degree from University of California at Santa Cruz, Master’s degree in Social Work from San Jose State University, Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Jose has 12 years of experience working with low-income communities in Santa Cruz and the East Bay – families of incarcerated Latinos, youth with issues, gang members, substance abuse population, family therapy and foster care families. Jose is Spanish speaking bilingual who was born and raised in Mexico. He has extensive experience working with the immigrant Latino population. He accepts HealthPAC and Medi-Cal insurance.

Dr. Julius Johnson, PhD – Dr. Johnson has over 40+ years of experience as a psychologist. His whole career has been focused on serving minority populations. He has worked extensively in San Francisco with a diverse population within community mental health and later in private practice seeing children, families and various cultural minority populations. Even though he commutes from San Francisco, he is thrilled to be part of our team of clinicians. Dr. Johnson describes his work serving women at Restore Women’s Wellness Centers as his “passion project.”

Dr. Amon Porter, PhD, LCSW – Dr. Porter is a licensed psychotherapist and serves on the social work faculty at California State University, East Bay. He is perfectly trained for the work at Restore Women’s Wellness Centers as he is certified to treat victims and perpetrators in intimate partner relationships and he is a certified trauma therapist. Dr. Porter has a strong interest in the outcome results that Restore Women’s Wellness Centers produces in his quest to always find the most effective interventions.

Akila Vazquez, LMFT – Akilah is an Oakland native and delighted to be serving low income East Bay women suffering from depression, anxiety and trauma. She has nearly 20 years of experience working with individuals from diverse backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities who have experienced family dysfunction, trauma, abuse and crime victimization. Akilah has facilitated groups addressing anger management and self-esteem and is extremely knowledgeable in the area of foster care, adoption and working with high risk prenatal women.

Dr. Kimberly Whitaker, PsyD – Dr. Whitaker has 12+ years of experience working with adjustment and psychotic disorders, anxiety, depression, trauma, child and adult physical, sexual and mental abuse, and domestic and community violence. She has 20+ of experience working with people struggling with addiction and homelessness. Dr. Whitaker is uniquely skilled for her work at Restore Women’s Wellness Centers having written her doctoral dissertation on childhood sexual abuse of African American women and the impact of sexual trauma.