We’re here for you

Restore Women's Wellness Centers is helping women like you not just survive, but thrive. Our desire is for you to be healthy in every way, to fulfill your goals and experience joy. Currently, it seems like this state of wellness is a luxury reserved for a person of a certain class. Our team of counselors is addressing the debilitating effects of depression, anxiety and trauma in low-income women. We’re here to serve you...

We encourage you to call us for an appointment. We understand you might be hesitant to consider counseling for a number of reasons. But know that when you come in to talk to one of our licensed and professional counselors, you will not be judged in any way. We’re here to listen and help. Our team has made you a priority. We want you to feel comfortable and supported every time you walk through our doors. Whatever your situation is and personal struggles are, our team of counselors is here to help.

At Restore Women's Wellness Centers, we want you to not just survive, but thrive. Please call us at 510-878-9709 so we can help.