Our Team

Dr. Alta Monroe, Executive Director, PsyD - Dr. Alta Monroe, Executive Director, RN, Psy.D., has practiced as a psychiatric nurse for 25+ years. Before becoming executive director, she was one of the first clinicians at Restore Women’s Wellness Centers. Her career path ranges from Psychiatric Emergency Service to mobile crisis, inpatient psychiatry, mindfulness individual and group therapy, veteran services, support to first responders and hurricane victims to working with the Massai Women in the Serengeti of Tanzania. Her goal is to continue to support the bridge of mental wellness for underserved women of color.


Shari Plunkett, Founder/CEO - Shari Plunkett has led non-profit organizations serving women since 1984. She believes that every woman should have the opportunity to, not just survive, but thrive – because when women are well their families and communities follow. Shari is a visionary and courageous leader, a compelling communicator and an experienced fundraiser, who in the course of her career, has raised over $25M. She is proud to be serving the mental health needs of low income women in her hometown of San Leandro.


Beverly Thomas, Office Manager/Executive Assistant - Beverly has 20+ years experience from a diverse career background and she holds a degree in business. In addition to her administrative skills, her concern for, love, respect and compassion for every woman who walks in the door is clearly evident. Her goal is to ensure that each woman feels welcomed and safe every time she arrives. As the mother of three young women, Beverly understands the unique needs of women today and is committed to helping and serving them.


Valerie Doyle, MA, LMFT - Valerie Doyle has 11+ years of clinical experience counseling urban women and families, and 9+ years of non-profit program development and management experience. She is passionate about seeing hearts and minds strengthen and healed, lives and relationships restored and new visions birthed in people. She has specialized training in grief & loss, childhood trauma, EMDR, women’s issues, mood disorders, somatic experiencing and life transitions. Valerie is currently working on her doctoral research to address how somatic experiencing resolves pervasive trauma in women of color.


Dr. Julius Johnson, PhD - Dr. Johnson has over 40+ years of experience as a psychologist. His whole career has been focused on serving minority populations. He has worked extensively in San Francisco with a diverse population within community mental health and later in private practice seeing children, families and various cultural minority populations. Even though he commutes from San Francisco, he is thrilled to be part of our team of clinicians. Dr. Johnson describes his work serving women at Restore Women's Wellness Centers as his "passion project."


Dr. Amon Porter, PhD, LCSW - Dr. Porter is a licensed psychotherapist and serves on the social work faculty at California State University, East Bay. He is perfectly trained for the work at Restore Women’s Wellness Centers as he is certified to treat victims and perpetrators in intimate partner relationships and he is a certified trauma therapist. Dr. Porter has a strong interest in the outcome results that Restore Women’s Wellness Centers produces in his quest to always find the most effective interventions.


Shannon Rucker, LMFT, has over 20 years of experience providing psychotherapy specializing in the treatment of trauma, recovery, mood disorders and attachment disorders. She is passionate about supporting the healing and well-being of those who have experienced situations that cause them to suffer. Her desire is for all of her clients to live a life of accepting and loving themselves. She works to ensure each client is confident that they have the tools to make wise choices about their personal wellbeing.


Diana Shapiro, LMFT - Diana has 16 years of experience as a psychotherapist serving low-income communities of the East Bay - people living with hidden disabilities, LGBT, people of color, adults with developmental disabilities, and the homeless population. She has specialized training in trauma resolution using EMDR, Sensorimotor psychotherapy, and hypnosis. Diana is Spanish speaking bilingual and has extensive experience working with the immigrant Latino population. She accepts HealthPAC. In 2014, Diana founded LGBT Sanctuary Project, a program that provides community building and peer support for LGBT Latino refugees.


Dr. Kimberly Whitaker, PsyD - Dr. Whitaker has 12+ years of experience working with adjustment disorders, anxiety, depression, psychotic disorder, trauma, child and adult physical, sexual and mental abuse, and domestic and community violence. She has 20+ of experience working with the re-entry community, people struggling with addiction, and people addressing issues of homelessness. Dr. Whitaker is uniquely skilled for her work at Restore Women’s Wellness Centers having written her doctoral dissertation on childhood sexual abuse of African American women and the impact of sexual trauma.